Ben Zettler Digital Named Elite Klaviyo Partner

Joins tier of fewer than 0.2% of Klaviyo Partners globally

Ben Zettler Digital Named Elite Klaviyo Partner

Joins tier of fewer than 0.2% of Klaviyo Partners globally

We are proud to share that Ben Zettler Digital has achieved 'Elite' status within the Klaviyo Partner Program. The Elite Master tier is made up of a subset of partners who have made it their core mission to be an extension of the Klaviyo team. These partners and their teams are unequivocally committed to the Klaviyo ecosystem and have proven this through:

  • Ongoing, open collaboration between both teams and leadership
  • Passing scores for all relevant certifications, across at least half of the organization
  • Superior client health and net promoter scores
  • Adoption of new product lines and features
  • A positive reputation in the community

How did we become a Klaviyo Elite Master?

In order to become an Elite Master, partners are nominated by the Klaviyo team based on initial quantitative requirements and then undergo a formal review to ensure all qualitative requirements are met as well. Ultimately, only partners who provide best-in-class service and experience have earned the title of Elite.

What does this mean for current clients?

If you are already a BZD client for Klaviyo management, we will have more opportunities to beta test new features for your email and SMS marketing. And, this is a confirmation that you are working with a team of true experts.

Thinking about working with us?

Ben Zettler Digital being part of the Elite Master tier within Klaviyo's Partner Program is assurance for you that we are amongst the most well-versed email and SMS marketing experts in the global Klaviyo ecosystem.

Contact us if you are interested in exploring working together and discovering how we can help you accelerate the growth of your online business through owned marketing channels.

From the Klaviyo Team

"Ben Zettler is a Klaviyo pro, plain and simple. He has been a top Klaviyo Partner for more than 3 years and has consistently been an advocate for his clients and for Klaviyo. If he thinks Klaviyo is missing a feature, he pushes for it. If he feels his clients can make more money, he finds it. And when the industry changes, he evolves. He now has over 65% of his brands using Klaviyo SMS! We respect his commitment to improvement and are excited he has reached the Elite Status."

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo™, a unified customer platform for email, SMS, and more, gives your online brand direct ownership of your consumer data and interactions—so you can talk to every customer like you know them, and grow your business on your own terms.

About Ben Zettler Digital

Ben Zettler is a digital marketing and ecommerce expert who leads a team of specialists focused on accelerating the growth of online sales for ecommerce brands. As a Shopify Plus Consulting Partner, Klaviyo Elite Partner and Meta for Business Partner, Ben Zettler Digital has supported over 250 businesses including Netflix, Unilever, Marchesa, Bleacher Report, Mariano Rivera and Promix.

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