Klaviyo Segments Your Store Needs to Drive Growth

Maximize your store's potential with Klaviyo's powerful segmentation features! Learn what your store should have and unlock new success.

Klaviyo Segments Your Store Needs to Drive Growth

Are you looking for a way to take your ecommerce store to the next level? Segmentation is an essential part of any well-run ecommerce store. It allows you to target customers with personalized messaging that resonates with them, driving sales and increasing customer loyalty. 

This article will discuss the types of Klaviyo segments your store needs to maximize success.

Customers By Location

Geo-targeting is an effective way to reach customers by their location. With local marketing, you can create region-specific campaigns that drive store visits and encourage loyalty with programs such as product recommendations, language preferences, discounts, and offers. By tracking your customer's locations, you gain valuable insight into how best to engage them for maximum impact.

Using geo-targeting techniques allows you to tailor your messaging based on the area of interest or influence within which each customer resides. This makes messages more personalized and relevant to the individual receiving them. You can also identify areas with significant numbers of potential customers so that resources can be allocated accordingly; this could include specialized promotional activities like discount codes or special offers available only in certain regions.

By understanding the geographical trends among your customers' behavior, you can develop targeted strategies that help build relationships with those nearby and generate greater sales opportunities overall. It's clear then that knowing where shoppers live plays an important part in any successful retail strategy – ensuring every possible opportunity is taken advantage of while ensuring positive experiences at all times.

Purchase History

After exploring the customers by location, let's look at their purchase history. Analyzing past purchases can reveal valuable insights about customer loyalty levels and spending trends.

On average, 45% of shoppers are repeat buyers who have purchased sets of products in the same categories. This suggests that they trust your brand enough to come back for more! But plenty of opportunities exist to improve customer satisfaction and identify cart abandonment risks.

With Klaviyo, you can easily track customer feedback, re-engage with those who haven't purchased in a while, and reward loyal customers with discounts or special offers.

Placed Order ≥ 2 (Last 90 Days) Klaviyo Segment

By leveraging data from past purchases, you can set up effective marketing campaigns to drive sales growth and increase profits over time. By understanding how customers interact with your store through metrics such as product preferences, purchase frequency, and lifetime value (LTV), you can tailor content accordingly and maximize ROI on each campaign.


Engagement is an essential part of any successful store. Keeping customers engaged can mean the difference between a loyal customer base and dormant customers just passing through. Klaviyo provides powerful segmentation options that help stores engage their customers meaningfully.

Using multiple purchases, shipping preferences, loyalty programs, product reviews, customer feedback, and past campaigns to create engaging segments can be used to pinpoint which customers need more engagement from your brand. This helps you reach out to those who have gone quiet or have been disengaged with recent messages and offers them something they care about.

AOV $250+ with 5-Star Review + Clicked Email Recently Segment

Customer service is also key when it comes to creating engagement. A great way to increase engagement is by inviting existing customers to review products they've purchased or give feedback on past campaigns sent out. Offering rewards for this activity will ensure your loyal customers know how much you value their opinion - plus, it's a great way to encourage future sales.

With Klaviyo's segmentation capabilities, stores can identify exactly what individual customers want and send tailored messages based on these insights – ensuring increased engagement overall!

Habits And Interests

Understanding the habits and interests of customers can be a powerful tool for any store. By considering seasonality, shopping trends, product preferences, email frequency, lifestyle choices, customer loyalty, and top sellers, stores can leverage marketing channels to increase sales.

For example:

  1. Analyzing seasonality data helps identify when campaigns should be launched or paused throughout the year.
  2. Examining shopping trends aids in understanding what products customers prefer and which they don't like as much.
  3. Monitoring customer loyalty by tracking email frequency provides insight into how often people visit your store.

Studying these properties through Klaviyo makes it possible to reach more potential buyers while gaining a better grasp of their behavior toward certain products and promotions - resulting in higher conversion rates and greater returns on investment.


Demographics play an important role in segmenting your store's target audience. Understanding the demographic trends within different age groups, income levels, gender identities, family sizes, education levels, ethnicities, and marital statuses can give you a better idea of what type of customers are most likely to be interested in your product or service.

Analyzing this data will help inform which segments should be targeted with specific campaigns. By understanding the different behaviors across various demographic categories, you can effectively create messaging that speaks directly to each group's interests and needs. 

For example, targeting messages based on income level could highlight discounts for those with less disposable income to spend at your business. Or, if you want to focus more on older demographics, such as retirees or empty-nesters, crafting campaigns around topics like lifestyle changes could be an effective strategy.

Knowing how these characteristics affect customer behavior is key to creating successful marketing initiatives that resonate with people from all walks of life. With the right information about these demographic trends at your fingertips, you can make decisions that lead to greater success for your store now and in the future.

Discovery of this information is key. Survey and quiz tools like that integrate with Klaviyo, like Octane AI are a helpful resource to enhance a customer's buying experience while also providing a brand with more information that can be leveraged in user segments.

For example, Promix Nutrition has a protein calculator tool that recommends the right workout supplement products to customers based on their body types, workout habits and dietary restrictions. Information from that calculator can then be used in a segment. 

Protein Calc // Vegan Females, 1+ Order Klaviyo Segment

New vs. Existing Customers

Moving from discussing demographics to considering customers, we must recognize that each customer segment has unique needs and preferences. For businesses seeking success in the long term, it is vital to identify those differences and deliver tailored experiences for both new and existing customers alike.

Recent Subscribers (Last 30 Days), No Orders Klaviyo Segment

Providing satisfaction through engaging interactions should be paramount when building a customer relationship. This could include offering personalized discounts or rewards programs and gathering feedback so changes can be made to improve customer loyalty over time. Furthermore, focusing on customer value rather than prices will help ensure that relationships remain strong and mutually beneficial.

By looking at trends such as customer segmentation, acquisition rates, and retention levels, you can gain insight into how your business fares against competitors when delivering exceptional service. All this information collated together will allow you to maximize customer satisfaction while creating lasting connections between your brand and its patrons.

Referral Source

When segmenting your store, one of the most important factors is understanding where customers come from. Knowing referral sources can help you tailor discounts by location and create retention strategies to increase lifetime value. By analyzing trends in coupon usage, email clicks, and product feedback, you can start to get a better picture of what works for each customer base.

Customer feedback also plays an integral role when assessing referral sources. Surveys or polls are great ways to see how users feel about their shopping experience—this type of data helps inform decisions like which products should be promoted and what kind of content may resonate with them the most. Tracking user behavior over time allows you to identify patterns that lead to conversions and loyalty.

With this information, businesses can make informed choices in optimizing their marketing efforts. With data-driven insights like these, companies can craft targeted campaigns that reach the right people at the right times while keeping costs down and engagement high. This knowledge can also open up new opportunities, such as developing more personalized experiences that keep existing customers returning again and again.

Website Activity

It's easy to think of website activity as an afterthought regarding the Klaviyo segments your store needs. But website activity must be at the heart of your segmentation strategy if you want a comprehensive view of customer preferences and loyalty.

Website speed, device usage, and cart abandonment are just three key metrics that can provide important insights into how customers interact with your brand online. By tracking these metrics over time, you can identify who will become frequent buyers or benefit from special offers such as loyalty programs.

Beyond monitoring website performance, though, understanding product preferences and email activity through Klaviyo helps build customer relationships by offering timely feedback on their purchases. This strengthens trust in the brand and encourages repeat visits to the store.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool for ecommerce stores. It can engage customers, increase brand loyalty, and boost customer retention. Through social media influencers and platform preferences tailored towards mobile usage, your store can gain visibility from new audiences that may otherwise not have been exposed to.

Content engagement on these platforms should also include product reviews, which helps build trust with potential buyers. Additionally, leveraging cart abandonment tactics like promotional offers or discounts through social media channels has proven effective in securing conversions. The more time spent engaging with customers on social media networks increases their likelihood of becoming loyal patrons of your business.

It's important to remember that each platform has nuances that require different approaches when crafting content and advertisements - so understanding those differences will help you create successful campaigns.

How To Optimize Segments For Maximum Results

Creating and optimizing segments is a powerful tool for businesses to tap into the power of their customer data. It allows them to identify patterns in consumer behavior, hone in on specific targets and tailor marketing messages for maximum impact. 

Through segmentation, companies can build brand loyalty by understanding their customers' preferences and device usage, tracking seasonal trends and product reviews, targeting abandoned carts, and maximizing lifetime value with targeted campaigns.

Organizing your store's data into meaningful segments ensures you get the most out of all available information. Here are three tips for doing so:

  1. Start by grouping customers based on demographic criteria such as age or location;
  2. Analyze past purchases to create purchase-based segments;
  3. Utilize predictive analytics to uncover hidden opportunities - look at historical data points like website visits or email opens to anticipate future behaviors.

By utilizing these strategies, you'll be able to craft more effective campaigns that will resonate with your audiences better than ever before - increasing conversion rates and driving success for your business!


In conclusion, segmenting your store using Klaviyo is a great way to maximize results. By analyzing customers based on their location, purchase history, engagement, habits and interests, demographics, referral source, website activity, and social media engagement, you can create segments that are tailored specifically for each customer.

This will help you stay one step ahead of the game so you don't miss out on any opportunities. To ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck, optimize these segments, as they could be the difference between success and failure - it's like hitting two birds with one stone!

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