The 11 Klaviyo Flows Your Store Needs

Boost your store sales with these 11 essential Klaviyo flows. Discover the must-have flows for every ecommerce store.

Email marketing | The 11 Klaviyo Flows Your Store Needs

As a store owner, you know the importance of effective marketing to ensure success for your business. Klaviyo is a powerful email automation platform that can help streamline and optimize your customer journey from start to finish.

This article will explore the 11 essential flows your store needs to take full advantage of Klaviyo's capabilities and maximize your return on investment.

We'll walk through each flow step-by-step so you can better understand why it's important, how it works, and what results you're likely to see when leveraging them correctly. Learn more about how Klaviyo can improve your store's performance!

1. Welcome Series

Welcoming customers to your store is like breathing a breath of fresh air. A great way to start this journey is through email and SMS marketing flows that can be set up in various email marketing platforms, such as Klaviyo. Whether sending out an initial welcome message or post-purchase emails, these custom flows are the foundation for building strong relationships with new and existing customers. 

Wu-Tang Clan Shop Welcome Email

By taking advantage of this flow, you'll create an automated system to ensure each customer receives the right messages at the right time. With this foundation laid down from day one, you'll have more opportunities to turn shoppers into loyal buyers who stick around for years to come.

2. Abandoned Cart

Now that your welcome series is running, it's time to set up some cart flows. Cart emails are essential for keeping customers engaged with their shopping experience and reducing the number of abandoned carts in your store. With Klaviyo's powerful automation tools, creating these flows is easy and efficient.

Here's a list of important Klaviyo cart flows every store should have:

  • Checkout Abandonment emails: Retarget shoppers that have reached checkout and started to enter their information, but did not complete their purchase.
  • Cart Abandonment Emails: These emails remind shoppers who left items in their cart that they haven't completed their purchase yet.

    Promix Abandoned Cart Email
  • Browse Abandonment Emails: If someone browses certain products or pages on your site but doesn't complete a purchase, this email will keep them interested and potentially bring them back to finish the checkout process.

These automated flows allow you to engage more deeply with existing customers by personalizing experiences for each person visiting your website. Plus, getting new visitors to return repeatedly means more conversions!

3. Price Drop

Price drop flows are a great way to get hesitant customers over the proverbial hump. With a price drop alert, you can tell customers that products they've browsed or saved in their carts have seen a price drop.

You can leverage this as an opportunity to winback potential lost sales.

4. Winback

Having set up the price drop email flow, we can now focus on a winback strategy. Winback emails are essential for ecommerce stores to re-engage customers who have not purchased recently - and they're often more successful than other promotional emails. To get started with your winback strategy, consider these key elements:

  1. Time delay: How much time has elapsed since the customer's last purchase? You don't want to wait too long, or the customer may have forgotten about you!
  2. Status codes: Customers who haven't been active in some time should be assigned a unique status code so that you can track their level of engagement over time.
  3. Subject lines: Make sure your subject line stands out and conveys value instantly; this will help compel customers to open the message.
  4. Customer winback offers: Consider what promotions would make sense for inactive customers, such as free shipping or an exclusive discount code only for them.

Winback campaigns give you another chance at turning each customer into a loyal one – and it all starts with crafting the right email flow!

5. Back In Stock

With Klaviyo, businesses can easily send back-in-stock emails and SMS messages to customers to let them know when a product they may have been waiting for is now available. This helps to keep customers engaged and informed and can ultimately lead to increased sales. 

This reduces the manual work required to reach customers when a product is back in stock, saving businesses time and money. 

Additionally, Klaviyo's segmentation capabilities allow businesses to target customers with specific products or categories, ensuring that customers only receive messages about products they are interested in. This helps to ensure that customers are not inundated with irrelevant messages, leading to a better overall customer experience.

6. Post-Purchase Follow-Up

Post-Purchase follow-ups are like a handshake after the sale. It's an opportunity to make sure your customer feels appreciated and valued long after they've closed the deal. 

With Klaviyo, you can easily create post-purchase emails from scratch. You'll have total control over every aspect of the message, including when it's sent within any time frame that works best for your business.

Building relationships with customers through thoughtful follow-up communication will increase their lifetime value as a property in your store. Keeping them happy helps build loyalty while increasing opportunities to sell more items later, such as add-ons, complimentary products, subscriptions, cross promotions, etc. 

In addition to creating loyal customers, post-purchase flow also creates better reviews which can be critical to success online.

With Klaviyo's automated workflows, you can ensure that each customer has a personalized experience right away without spending countless hours setting up complicated systems manually or troubleshooting errors due to coding mistakes - leaving you free to focus on other aspects of growing your store!

7. Product Review

Product reviews are an essential part of your post-purchase follow-up flow, and Klaviyo offers a variety of email strategies to help you achieve this. Transactional emails can be generic emails that prompt customers to review the purchased product. This type of content works especially well when included in entire flows or pre-built series flows from Klaviyo.

Klaviyo's pre-built product review flows allow you to increase customer engagement with minimal effort. You can also customize each flow step according to your preferences: modify the timing, subject lines, and more for maximum impact. Additionally, you can use the same template for multiple products if needed—saving time and resources.

Apps like Junip integrate seamlessly with Klaviyo, allowing you to trigger review prompts from their system directly out of Klaviyo.

To ensure successful product reviews through email campaigns, it's recommended that you focus on building relationships and trust with customers by using personalized content. Think about what kind of messages resonate best with them—and take advantage of any opportunity to drive conversations back to your store and website!

8. Upsell & Cross-Sell

Talk about a powerful marketing tool! Upsell and cross-sell strategies offer an incredible opportunity to maximize your sales potential. By leveraging the power of social proof, email marketing strategy, and customer loyalty, you can see conversion rates skyrocket in no time.

A successful upsell or cross-sell program requires researching what products will most likely appeal to potential customers. 

Netflix Stranger Things Cross Sell Klaviyo Email

You must understand the purchase patterns of new and existing customers to create effective offers. Additionally, it helps to use positive reviews from past customers as social proof for current shoppers considering buying a similar product.

Subscription customers often have higher purchasing rates than one-time buyers, making them great targets for upselling and cross-selling initiatives. Incorporating these strategies into your store will help ensure that loyal customers continue to be amazed by your offerings while also helping drive more conversions with potential customers. Take advantage of this winning combination today!

9. Birthday

Upselling and cross-selling are two key tactics to help you increase your sales. Now, another essential tactic is the birthday flow. This type of automated flow allows you to send customers a special offer on their birthday, showing them that you care about their loyalty and appreciate them as a customer.

An email marketing campaign is the most popular way to execute this flow type. However, SMS marketing can also be used; some businesses prefer it due to its immediacy. You could use both methods by sending out a single email with an SMS reminder a few days later!

To set up the birthday flow for your store, ensure your customers can enter their birthday when creating or updating their profile in your customer portal. Then track each customer's hash based on their birthdate so messages will go out automatically when someone's big day comes around!

10. Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program is an excellent way to reward your customers for their investments in your business. Klaviyo offers the perfect platform to create campaigns that will help you incentivize repeat purchases over time and bolster customer retention. 

Using their segmentation tool, you can select specific triggers based on purchase history, product preferences, or any other criteria you deem important.

You can integrate Klaviyo with a loyalty program like Yotpo Rewards or LoyaltyLion to customize and build your program from scratch.

Klaviyo also allows for A/B testing of various emails and campaigns so that you can assess which strategies work best for each customer base. By taking advantage of this feature, you can ensure that every message resonates with its intended audience and leads to increased sales over time.

11. Purchase Anniversary

Customers should be notified of their purchase anniversaries with an automated flow. By doing this, customers will feel appreciated and have a sense of loyalty to your store. Here are three key elements for creating such a flow:

  • Customer notifications: Set up email notification templates that remind customers when to renew or repurchase subscription products. Include product image URL links in the message to drive sales conversions from the reminder emails.
  • Membership product frequency type: Automate membership status updates based on how often customers receive their products (e.g., weekly, or monthly). This allows you to keep track of active memberships versus manual statuses.
  • Membership status: Use segmentation filters that indicate if someone is still actively subscribed or has manually opted out of the program. This helps ensure you're sending relevant content to only those who want it and reduces unsubscribes due to irrelevant messaging.

By following these steps, you can create a seamless customer experience through automated flows celebrating purchase anniversaries and encouraging repeat purchases over time.


In conclusion, there are 11 essential Klaviyo flows that your store needs to succeed. These flows range from welcoming new customers with a series of emails to rewarding loyal shoppers who have been with you for years. 

If you ever need help, consider working with a Klaviyo agency that can help you drive growth.

Repetition is key when creating successful automated marketing campaigns – so don't be afraid to use them repeatedly! If you make the most out of these twelve Klaviyo flows, your store will enjoy lots of success. So take action and give your customers an experience they won't soon forget!

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