The Instagram Feed on Your Shopify Website is Going Away Soon. Here's How to Fix It.

Instagram's upcoming API changes are going to cause the embedded Instagram feeds on most Shopify themes to stop working. For Shopify merchants that enjoy showcasing their Instagram content on their website, thankfully there is a way to fix this.

The Instagram Feed on Your Shopify Website is Going Away Soon. Here's How to Fix It.

Instagram is changing its API. What does that mean for Shopify merchants? As of March 31, 2020, if you have entered an Instagram access token to the "Instagram feed" section of the Theme Editor, your feed will no longer display after that date. 

This change is actually two years in the making when Instagram announced that it would be releasing a new API to protect user privacy and safety. 

Many merchants have asked the same question: "Can I no longer have an Instagram feed on my website?" The answer is actually, you can. Instagram has just changed the way a user can pull content from a profile to embed it on a website. 

No, merchants do not have to pay for access to the API just so they can showcase their Instagram content. Rather, there are many app developers and software companies with existing relationships with Instagram whom have built out Shopify apps that will allow you to generate an Instagram feed--and even more dynamically alter the way that feed displays, tag products on your website in that feed on your website, and more.

For merchants that want an Instagram feed on their website that will work with the upcoming Instagram API changes, they should do the following:

  • Remove the current section on your Shopify theme that contains your Instagram feed.
  • Install one of these apps to generate your new feed and add  to your website. 

All of those apps are reputable solutions and most have free plans available. Keep in mind, Shopify merchants should always consider the implications on a website's performance anytime an app is installed. 

If you're a merchant looking for help with integrating a new Instagram feed, contact us.


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