Klaviyo SMS: The Secret Weapon To Grow Your Store Revenue

Grow your store quickly and easily with Klaviyo SMS. Learn how to get started now!

Texting on iPhone | Klaviyo SMS: The Secret Weapon To Grow Your Store Revenue

Klaviyo is one of the most popular ecommerce email marketing platforms for store owners. But its SMS features live up to the hype too.

Using SMS with Klaviyo, ecommerce brands can create engaging and personalized messages that drive customers to their stores. This platform can help stores increase sales and retain customers over time through various strategies, including automated campaigns and segmentation. Its ability to send notifications in real-time provides an efficient way to reach customers quickly while still being effective.

In this post, we'll explore how your store can leverage the power of Klaviyo SMS to grow its presence online and see tangible results.

Benefits Of SMS Marketing With Klaviyo 

SMS messages have become a powerful tool for businesses to reach potential customers and retain existing ones. Utilizing Klaviyo's SMS marketing platform is essential to maximize the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns.

 Here are some benefits of using Klaviyo's SMS features:

  • An opportunity to create tailored customer experiences with robust customer profiles.
  • Enabling two-way conversations about promotions.
  • Cart abandonment notifications.
  • Shipping confirmations.

Klaviyo's easy-to-use interface makes it simple and efficient to manage all aspects of an SMS campaign from start to finish. With its single dashboard view, you can track real-time data on email opens, clicks, conversions, and more – giving you valuable insights into your subscriber's engagement levels.

And since Klaviyo allows for integration with other platforms such as Shopify or Magento–you can directly sync information between them, creating an even smoother experience for yourself and your customers.

What sets Klaviyo apart from other SMS providers is its ability to give users greater control over segmentation capabilities which helps target specific audiences based on shopping behavior or interests - leading to a higher return on investment (ROI) by ensuring successful campaigns every time. So why wait? Start using Klaviyo today and take advantage of these amazing benefits!

Klaviyo SMS Pricing

Pricing for Klaviyo’s SMS feature is based on a credit system. You choose a base number of credits you’d like to spend every month, and the cost of each text depends on the type of text sent (SMS or MMS) and where the text is sent.

For example, an SMS text sent to the US costs 1 credit. Meanwhile, an SMS sent to Canada costs 3 credits. 

Klaviyo’s SMS pricing can be confusing, but it’s worth speaking to their sales team (or a Klaviyo agency) to negotiate better pricing.

Tap-To-Subscribe Welcome Offers

Tap-to-subscribe Welcome Offers can provide an effective way to grow your store. By increasing opt-ins from potential customers, you can create a larger SMS subscriber list and more promotion opportunities.

Tap to Subscribe to welcome offer via SMS for promixnutrition.com

Delivering welcome offers to subscribers is an effective way to engage with customers and promote products. By analyzing the results of the welcome offers, you can gain insight into what customers are responding to, which can help inform future marketing efforts.

Furthermore, tracking the results of the welcome offers can help you better adjust the offers to target customers. Utilizing tap-to-subscribe welcome offers can effectively build relationships with potential customers and grow your store.

New Product Announcements

SMS marketing effectively announces new product launches and keeps customers in the loop.

Klaviyo also makes it easy to personalize messaging by segmenting customer lists into targeted groups based on past purchases or location criteria.

By doing this, companies can send highly relevant offers that excite existing customers and entice potential ones. Klaviyo provides powerful automation tools so retailers can schedule when notifications go out in advance – allowing them more time to focus on other areas of the business without sacrificing communication with current and future clients.

Coupons And Time-Sensitive Sales

Coupons and time-sensitive sales are effective ways to increase revenue. Utilizing Klaviyo's powerful SMS platform allows for creating personalized messages that can be delivered at the right moment to drive customer action.

FOMO is a very real phenomenon that can drive your store's growth. Just be sure to limit the use of FOMO for time-sensitive sales so your customers aren't always feeling overwhelmed.

Back-In-Stock And Price Drop Alerts

Klaviyo allows businesses to connect with customers by sending back-in-stock and price drop alerts. These timely notifications make sure you don't miss any opportunities when it comes to sales.

Promix Nutrition Debloat Back in Stock SMS

Not only do they help keep existing shoppers engaged, but they also attract new ones.

In addition, these alerts provide valuable insight into what kind of products people want so you can prioritize accordingly and personalize future SMS campaigns.

These campaigns' success depends largely on how effectively they are executed since there must be consistent across channels. Using platforms like Klaviyo is a great way to get started on building lasting customer relationships while increasing ROI at the same time!

Order/Shipping/Delivery Confirmations

Klaviyo is an effective tool for automating order, shipping, and delivery confirmations. Stores can send personalized notifications to customers regarding their orders with just a few clicks. 

Customers can be kept up-to-date with the status of their orders with real-time updates.

Klaviyo lets stores provide customers with detailed tracking information regarding their orders. This helps ensure that customers are kept informed throughout the order process while reducing the number of customer service tickets.

Purchase Follow-Ups And Support

Purchase follow-ups and customer support are essential to balance engagement and revenue per recipient.

When using Klaviyo SMS for purchase follow-up and support purposes, make sure to keep track of user activity such as open rates, clicks on links included in the message body, or any other form of communication like chatbot conversations.

Analyzing these metrics will help inform decisions about running engaging campaigns by determining what content resonates best with subscribers.

By keeping tabs on the interactions between customers and brands via SMS messaging, both sides benefit - customers receive timely responses while stores maintain higher conversion rates due to a better understanding of their target audience's needs.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned cart reminders are a powerful tool to help you grow your store. This marketing channel allows customers to return and complete their purchases and allows marketers to optimize their overall marketing strategy to provide customers with a seamless experience.

Promix Nutrition Abandoned Checkout SMS

Creating single opt-in lists for those who have left items in their shopping carts will ensure that all future communications sent out for abandoned carts will go to a solid list of engaged shoppers. 

Additionally, customers may be interested in additional products or amazing deals when they receive these messages - creating yet another barrier to entry product-wise.

Using Klaviyo SMS as part of your growth strategy, you can create amazing customer experiences through timely reminders about forgotten orders, which could increase sales rates.

Allowing customers to continue shopping where they left off easily gives them more control over their purchases while providing excellent customer service on behalf of your business.

Get Better Results With Personalization

Personalization makes customers feel like they're getting more than just a generic reminder about buying something and increases engagement with new and existing customers. You should use personalization at every step of the customer journey.

You should use personalization tokens throughout each message to get the most out of your reorder prompt message in Klaviyo SMS.

These tokens allow you to customize each message based on customer data such as name, location, purchase history, or any other information stored in your database. This helps create an engaging experience for recipients by making them feel seen and heard beyond just their order numbers.

Additionally, providing relevant offers or discounts tailored to each customer will incentivize them to follow through with their orders.

A well-crafted reorder prompt strategy has the potential to give your business a boost while also improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Remember these tips when crafting your own Klaviyo SMS campaigns: focus on personalizing each message, provide specific incentives for each individual, and track results regularly so you can adjust accordingly over time.

With the right approach, you can optimize your marketing campaigns and see better returns from them.

Integrating Klaviyo SMS With Other Platforms

Klaviyo provides a powerful and flexible platform for store owners to reach customers. With the ability to integrate with other platforms, it's possible to expand the potential of Klaviyo SMS beyond what's already available.

Here are some potential use cases for Klaviyo integrations:

  • Integrate with Junip to request reviews via SMS
  • Integrate with Recharge to create email and SMS flows based on subscription activity
  • Integrate with LoyaltyLion for rewards & loyalty program updates
  • Integrate with Wonderment to automate post-purchase order updates and delivery updates 

By taking advantage of these features, merchants can increase their visibility by reaching customers through multiple channels while leveraging all the benefits Klaviyo SMS offers.

This includes targeted messaging campaigns, automated flows, dynamic content based on customer behavior, and more. Ultimately, this strategy helps stores maximize engagement with new and existing customers alike.

How To Analyze Klaviyo SMS Performance

Analyzing the performance of Klaviyo SMS campaigns is essential to determine their effectiveness.

First, a growth strategist should assess key metrics such as click-through and open rates. These metrics can provide insight into how well customers are responding to your message and campaign content.

Additionally, tracking conversions will give you an understanding of how successful the messages were at driving sales or encouraging desired behaviors from customers.

Klaviyo provides several tools that allow for easy data analysis. For example, analyzing trends over time can help identify when a particular SMS campaign was most effective, allowing strategists to tailor future efforts better.

In addition, segmenting audiences allows marketers to target specific groups more accurately and efficiently by sending them personalized messages tailored to their interests and needs.

To maximize the success of any given Klaviyo SMS campaign, strategists must stay informed about changes in customer behavior and preferences.

Keeping up with industry news and developments can enable strategists to create timely messaging that resonates with customers on both an emotional and practical level—ultimately leading to higher engagement rates and improved ROI from each campaign run.


Does Klaviyo offer SMS?

Yes, Klaviyo is a complete marketing platform that offers email, SMS, forms, automations, and more.

How does Klaviyo SMS work?

Klaviyo SMS allows businesses to send text messages to customers who have opted-in to receive updates. With Klaviyo SMS, businesses can send personalized messages based on customers' interests and preferences, track delivery rates, and review message performance.

Additionally, businesses can use Klaviyo SMS to build customer relationships and drive conversions with targeted campaigns.

How to use SMS marketing with Klaviyo?

  1. Create an SMS campaign. In Klaviyo, you can create an SMS campaign to send messages to segments of your customers. You can create an announcement campaign, a promotional campaign, or a transactional campaign.
  2. Build your list. You can add contacts to your SMS list manually or automatically with Klaviyo's list-building tools.
  3. Craft your message. Write a compelling message to engage your customers and motivate them to act.
  4. Send your message. Schedule your message to be sent on a specific date or immediately.
  5. Monitor and optimize. Track the performance of your SMS campaigns so you can optimize future messages.

What is the difference between SMS and MMS in Klaviyo?

  • SMS is a text-based messaging service that allows users to send short messages of up to 160 characters.
  • MMS is a multimedia messaging service that allows users to send longer messages, such as images, audio, video, and text.


The right SMS marketing strategy combined with Klaviyo SMS is a powerful tool for growing your store. It allows users to craft personalized messages and engage customers with targeted offers, announcements, and alerts. With Klaviyo's user-friendly platform and integrated solutions, merchants have the potential to reach their full growth potential.

Through this service, stores can create meaningful connections between customers and their products – like an evergreen tree that grows strong roots over time.

By strategically leveraging Klaviyo, store owners can maximize customer engagement while informing them of important deals or updates. Ultimately, it helps stores grow more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

To learn more about how Zettler Digital can help your store with Klaviyo, book a call with us here.

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